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Humans of GitStart 🌟

What is GitStart in about 5 minutes.

The Heartbeat of GitStart: Our Purpose and Approach​

Why We're Here​

At GitStart, we're on a mission to transform ideas into tangible code while nurturing the growth of developers.

How We Make a Difference​

Change Lives​

We let promising engineers get real-world experience by working on our client apps, which allows our clients to turn more of their ideas into reality. And it’s working:

  • Our alumni got into Amazon, Facebook, and Google, and star developers include Afghan women who lost their right to learn and work with the Taliban.
  • Our clients have built entire apps and tackled daunting tech debt with help from GitStart alone.

More about the story here.

Work on hard problems​

GitStart automatically manages AI models and developers across the globe. Engineering teams assign tickets and get back ready to merge PRs. This requires rebuilding the entire engineering stack end-to-end, with pieces like:

  • AI-first SDLC - split the software development life-cycle in steps where specialized AI models can generate code and loop in humans to make sure errors don’t propagate. More here.
  • Ticket writing LLM - load context from the codebase and past tickets to write engineering ready tickets
  • GitSlice - securely share subsets of a codebase

Our Amazing Team​

  • πŸ”₯ >50% former founders, many from mission driven organizations like mPharma (Africa’s best health tech startup, 1k people $100m raised) and CodePhenix (Europe’s largest coding bootcamp for inmates)
  • πŸ§‘β€πŸ”¬ Patents holders
  • 🧠 A national math olympiad winner and former Typescript team member
  • 🌍 ~16 nationalities for ~20 people
  • 🀫 And more: a published poet, a sailing world champion, a cricket team coach, two musicians drawing hundreds for concerts, parents, etc.

Also, the number one thing newcomers notice is that people are truly kind πŸ˜‡. More on this when we meet!