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Our Approach to Hiring

We take a different path when it comes to hiring. We believe the best way to see if we're a fit for each other is by doing what we love together: coding and tinkering!

Hiring Process

We try to keep it light and snappy:

  1. Brief intro and cultural assessment interview
  2. Technical introduction to role by team member with short take home exercise
  3. Technical interview (role specific)
  4. Hackweek - We invite potential team members to join us for a hackweek (or hackweekend) to work on a real problem together. This isn't just about assessing skills; it's about experiencing our culture, teamwork, and the excitement of building something great.
  5. Offer

The process take about 2 weeks in total with the Hackweek from 1st interview to offer.

Hackweek: A Deep Dive Into Collaboration

We are weird about hiring. We’re skeptical of resumes and we don’t trust interviews (we’re happy to talk though!). Since nothing beats working together, we love inviting people for a hackweek (or hackweekend) - come hack on a problem with us and see if you like it!

It’s compensated, of course. And fast: we typically extend offers within 3 working days, starting from the end of the hackweek.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It

Wondering if GitStart's unique approach is right for you? Here's what one candidate had to say after 15 years in the industry source!:

"Interview experience with GitStart was not even ONE OF the best, but absolutely THE BEST I ever had in my 15 years career. Every person I spoke to was EXTREMELY charismatic and genuinely interested in me. It was clear they LOVE GitStart. The process was not just enjoyable; I was actually looking forward to more of it :D"

Our hiring process is about more than just finding the right skills; it's about discovering passionate individuals who love what they do.