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Time Off

We champion autonomy and well-being by embracing a flexible approach to work and rest. Understanding that everyone thrives on different schedules, here’s how we handle time off:

  • Unlimited Paid Holidays: Trust is at our core, and we extend this trust by offering unlimited paid holidays.
  • Default Approval: We believe in simplifying the leave process. All holidays are approved by default.
  • Beyond Public Holidays: Recognizing the diversity of our global team across more than 15 countries, we do not adhere strictly to public holidays. Instead, we empower you to take time off when it suits you best.

How to Take Time Off

We encourage coordination with your team in advance to ensure continuity.

  • Let your team know of your plans
  • Mark it on the OOO calendar
  • Set a OOO till xx day on Slack
  • Enjoy!

Work-life balance is difficult at the best of times, in a startup where are empowers and autonomous it is sometimes daunting. Reach out for help, some people have cracked it!

We have, from expereince, noticed that taking regular short breaks tends to offer a more balanced recharge than saving up for an extended leave once a year.