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Culture at GitStart

All Remote, All Amazing​

We are fully remote, spanning 10+ nationalities with a community team in 20+ countries.

Why remote works for GitStart:

  • Global talent: Access to incredible people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Thoughtfulness: Encourages thorough thinking and documentation.
  • Uninterrupted creativity: Perfect for focused work sessions.
  • Result-focused: Clearer outcomes, valuing achievements over office hours.

Our Core Values​

Care πŸ’–β€‹

We're all about dedication and taking responsibility for our work and each other.

  • "Help across the aisle": Be there for each other, especially when it leverages our collective and your individual strengths.
  • Empathy is key: Listen, understand and ask no matter if it is a customers, a team under pressure or a dev eager to grow.
  • Own your mistakes: "You break prod, you fix prod."
  • Bring the energy: Contribute positively to everything you do. We call it "light air".

Playful Curiosity πŸ˜„β€‹

We explore new ideas, learn from failures, without taking ourselves too seriously.

  • Hackathons and brainstorming: Diving into new tech and innovative solutions.
  • Side projects welcome: Explore, learn, and share your discoveries.
  • Ask "what if": Encourage curiosity and innovation.

Continuous Improvement πŸ’ͺ​

We focus on constant growthβ€”for ourselves, our teams, and GitStart.

  • Feedback culture: Always looking to improve and learn.
  • Every touchpoint matters: Small enhancements lead to big changes.
  • Beyond the lead: Seek mentorship and learning opportunities across all levels.
  • Cross-discipline growth: Invest in broadening your skills.

git add / commit / push πŸ”„β€‹

We continually try adding value and acknowledging improvements in everything we do.

  • "Think Big, Ship Small": Aim high but start small.
  • Stay updated: Keep project docs fresh with the latest insights and your learnings.
  • Speak up: Contribute in meetings, and don't be silent in discussions.
  • Commit and go: Made a decision, go with it until proven wrong.