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We switch between sync and async work regularly. At a company level we have a few "All Hands" formats but we've found that working full remote requires a large dose of flexibility. We recognise the power of IC so keep large meetings to a minimum.

Team Autonomy​

Each team has the freedom to design their own meeting rhythms. Do what ever it takes to boost productivity and align based on individual team needs.

Company-Wide Gatherings​

GitStart Town Hall πŸ›β€‹

  • When & What: Held monthly, these sessions are our go-to for sharing comprehensive updates on projects, strategic directions, and key achievements. Expect 1 to 2 main topics, outlined in advance to keep everyone in the loop.
  • Q&A Time: A dedicated segment for diving deeper into the discussions. We encourage curiosityβ€”no question is too small. If something's unclear, it's an opportunity for clarification.
  • Prep Materials: We'll share info beforehand to help everyone come prepared, fostering a richer discussion.

Ask GitStart Anything (AGA) πŸ—£β€‹

  • When & What: Also monthly, AGA is our open forum for fostering transparent, company-wide communication.
  • Purpose: These sessions are all about building a culture of openness and understanding. It's your chance to voice any queries or concerns, no matter how big or small.
  • No Limits: Feel free to inquire about anything from project specifics to operational queries. If you've spotted a bug or have a "Why do we...?" on your mind, this is the place to ask.