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Supercharging Productivity

Efficiency is Key: We believe in leveraging tools to enhance our work, not hinder it.



  • Flexible Calendars: Enable others to tweak your calendar events to streamline scheduling.
  • Join Tandem: Make sure it launches at startup for instant access.

Tools & Hacks

  • Boost Typing Speed: Try typing speed tests to improve efficiency. Aim high—how about 500 keystrokes per minute?

  • Snippets and Templates: Use tools like aText for common phrases and enable Gmail templates for repetitive emails. Notion templates can standardize team content, making collaboration smoother.

  • Shortcut Mastery: Embrace keyboard shortcuts across Notion, Gmail, Slack, and more. Consider tools like Mouseless to hone your skills. Challenge yourself to operate tools like Linear and Slack sans mouse!

  • Quick Meeting Access (macOS): Use Meeter to jump into meetings directly from your status bar.

  • Enhanced Meeting Setup (macOS): Cron supercharges your calendar with improved UI and timezone management.

  • Clipboard History with Yippie (macOS): Never lose a snippet again; Yippie keeps your clipboard history at your fingertips.

  • Window Management with Rectangle or Raycast (macOS): Effortlessly organize your windows for a clutter-free desktop.

  • Speed Up Your Mouse: A simple adjustment in your settings can make navigation significantly faster.