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While we enjoy the freedom and autonomy remote work offers es, there's undeniable magic in face-to-face interactions. Our most brilliant ideas and unforgettable memories often spark from being together, physically.

Onsites - 1 to 2 per year.

Once or twice yearly, we unite the entire GitStart family for a 2-week collab mashup, choosing locations with kind climates (someone once complained about winter in Poland!).

We start with a weekend of relaxation to shake off jet lag, followed by a week packed with hard work, strategic planning, cultural bonding, and leisure activities. The second week emphasizes collaborative projects and laying down what we discussed in the fist week. Our gatherings conclude on the second Sunday, sending everyone home with fresh memories and solid plans.

Typical Onsite Activities:

  • Strategic all-hands sessions
  • Workshops
  • Team pairing sessions
  • 24-hour hackathon

Team Onsites - Every other quarter or as work requires

We encourage and support teams to meet in-person to focus on work and increase productivity.

Planning Guidelines:

  • Prioritize work, with room for a few leisure activities.
  • Choose a location that minimise travel time and costs.
  • Limit attendees to only those essential.

Designate a planner (not necessarily the lead) to coordinate and arrange logistics with the Ops Team.