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Functional Teams

We thrive on speed, autonomy, and innovation and to get here we have morphed our structure and approach but remained true to our calling; turning ideas into code. We've evolved from a flat organizational structure to a dynamic setup of functional teams. Each team operates with a high degree of accountability and owns their deliverables. This allows us to reduce managerial overhead and reinfornces the importance of the "last mile", feedback is instant and changes don't need to pushup a complex reporting chain.

Our Team Blueprint

  • How We're Organized: Teams are crafted around their specific functions, ensuring that every piece of the puzzle fits perfectly.
    • Engineering Lab: The backbone of GitStart, handling all our internal software developments and R&D ventures around AI.
    • Client Engineering: Making sure our tech and clients are in sync.
    • Remote Engineering: The community heartbeat, fostering growth performance and engagement across our global network of developers.
    • Growth: A tactical unit to test and double down on net positive growth initiatives.
    • Product: Bring all our engineering tinkering into an easy to use tool.
    • Operations: Keep the lights on and wheels turning smoothly.